Jim Krantz is perhaps best known for his Marlboro cowboy images and photos of the American West. But he is also a master storyteller, even, or especially, when the story unfolds within the four corners of a single frame. A quick read of character and the signifiers of identity (class, national origin, vocation), Krantz quotes Ansel Adams, his onetime teacher: “Technical proficiency leads to artistic freedom.” (Krantz was all of 18 when he drove from his hometown—Omaha, Nebraska—to Carmel to study with the master.) Krantz’ clients, editorial and commercial, include Arena Homme +, GQ, Italian Vogue, V Magazine, Adam Kimmel, Coors Banquet, HBO, Modernica, Philip Morris, and Supreme. Krantz shows in New York with Danziger Gallery, where “Way of the West: Jim Krantz and Ansel Adams” was on view last winter. Jim and his wife, Susan, live in Los Angeles.