Julien Roubinet (b. 1987) is a French photographer living in Los Angeles.

Julien moved to New York from Paris in 2011 to pursue a career in finance. After a disenchanting year, he made the leap to follow his passion for photography.

Julien is fascinated by American culture and its vital sub- and countercultures. In 2013 he published “Voila Bonneville,” a photo essay addressed to the classic cars raced on the Utah Salt Flats. In 2015, he completed “Cassettes,” a series of photographs reflecting on the changing physicality of audio recording and playback media, focusing on classic and rare volumes released on analog magnetic tape (compact cassettes). The series was a 2016 Sony World Photography Awards finalist. In 2018, he released “Ice-Cream Headaches” (Damiani Editore) with writer Ed Thompson, a book documenting New York and New Jersey surf culture, including interviews and photographs of more than forty people, including William Finnegan, Michael Halsband, and Lisa Spellman.

Julien’s photography has been exhibited widely in France, New York and Los Angeles. His work has appeared in AnOther Man, At Large, L’Officiel, The Guardian, Huck Magazine, Monster Children and Desillusion.